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Image of HEARTSTONE PENDANT - Mermaid Lagoon
  • Image of HEARTSTONE PENDANT - Mermaid Lagoon
  • Image of HEARTSTONE PENDANT - Mermaid Lagoon

The "mermaid lagoon" Heartstone Pendant captures an infusion on deep azure hues and glimmering iridescence. For a maiden who's spirit swills amid mysterious fathoms of an enchanted sea.


The Heartstone was Fairman’s first piece of wearable art. Originally created as a one-off design developed as a result of an incidental bi-product from her 2014 sculpture series Lithocardites.

The title, and concept of inspiration, came from a theory of ontogenesis by 18th Century naturalist J.B Robinet. In Robinet’s theory, fossils are bits of life, roughcasts of separate organs, which will find their coherent life at the summit of an evolution that is preparing the way for being. We might say that the inside of woman’s body is an assemblage of shells or stones. Robinet’s mineralogical collections are anatomical parts of what woman will be when nature learns to make her. Lithocardites are heart-stones, rough drafts of a heart that one day will beat.

Certain theories which were once thought to be scientific are, in reality, vast boundless daydreams. But Robinet's dream-ideas resonated strongly with Fairman’s own ideas of psycho-geography. Interested in the junctures between body and land - emotional landscapes and how one might map a cartography of feeling – Fairman’s Heartstone became a meditation on ideas of calcified life; mineralised being in suspended animation.

Set on a rose gold chain, the Heartstone pendant hovers at the wearer's sternum, like a talismanic breastplate. Crystalline chambers suspending atmospheres of thought and felt space, worlds within worlds, drifting like icebergs in the deep sea of our being.

Each Heartstone is one-of-a-kind. The Heartstone pictured is the piece you will receive.